Seattle Piano Tuning – Tuner – Steve Huie – Piano Tuner / Technician

After attending Western Iowa Tech’s nationally renowned piano technician’s school, Steve returned to the Great Northwest in 1975.He moved back to Medford, Oregon and honed his craft for several years until he decided to head north.

Since moving to the Seattle area in 1983, Steve has tuned and serviced pianos for people all over the Seattle area. He has also worked for most of area’s piano dealers including Evans Music/Washburn Pianos, Prosser’s, Tallman’s/Western Piano and Sherman Clay.

Steve has also tuned for several schools, including Highline Public Schools and Highline Community College and is currently the tuner / technician for the Seattle Opera.Steve Huie is a qualified piano tuner and provides his piano tuning and piano repair services throughout the area from Seattle down to the King Pierce County line.

How often should I have my piano tuned?  This is perhaps the most common question about piano tuning. We all remember the dentist’s line about flossing… “Just floss the ones you want to keep!” Piano tuning is something like that. Steve recommends at least a yearly tuning for most of his clients. “You only have to tune it once a year for as long as ou want to keep it.

Steve says, ”With proper care, your piano really can last a lifetime!”

Call or text Steve of Seattle Piano Tuner at 206-419-8647.